8 Sep

A sunny post for a chilly day:

Slowly, but surely, the Goldfinch population visiting our bird feeder which dangles over Blue Lake is growing.  I decided to keep stocking the feeder with thistle seed, a Goldfinch favorite, even after the Avian Mistress had gone home for the season.  Now, I fear, I have created a Goldfinch society which is a little TOO thriving.  Indeed it is charming to see Goldfinches flutter back and forth between the white pine branches and, parking my kayak close to shore, I smile to myself as Goldfinches totter on shore and play in the lake water; however, the last time I looked out the window, 11 Goldfinches were swarming the feeder – beaks in every opening – with two more sitting on its top, waiting for a turn.

Birds at Birdfeeder

Goldfinches at Bird Feeder

Goldfinch in White Pine Tree

Goldfinch in White Pine Tree

Now, I find out from the Avian Mistress that all that thistle seed I’ve been feeding them is a bit on the pricey side as it retails for about $1 / pound.  Which is even more disconcerting considering multiple reports of other creatures climbing up (who knows HOW) to the feeder, shaking the seeds to the ground, and stuffing their cheeks.

Hungry Chipmunk Feasts on Thistle Seed

Hungry Chipmunk Feasts on Thistle Seed

I do believe that it’s time for all of these creatures to get accustomed to more humble tastes.  Soon to be introduced into this high-falutin’ society:  all purpose bird seed mix.


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