How Low Can Blue Go?

13 Oct

It’s beach season on Blue Lake with record low lake levels.  My unofficial calculations put it at least six inches down from this past summer and about three feet down from 2007:

Unearthed Beaches

Unearthed Beaches

The Colianni Straits are looking more shallow than usual:

Colianni Straits

Colianni Straits

Seagull Island is ripe for a couple of homesteaders with trailers, ala the southern Floridian islands land grab of the 1920’s:

Hot Real Estate

Seagull Island: Hot Real Estate


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  1. Visions for a New Seagull Island on Blue Lake in Minocqua, Wisconsin « Blue Lake Free Press - April 30, 2009

    […] more popular with each passing day (granted, primarily with waterfowl, but, like I predicted last fall, it’s only a matter of time before homesteaders start showing up.  Do we really want a bunch […]

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