Ice Cold Blue

4 Dec

Jeepers.  I was hoping that I wouldn’t miss Blue Freeze 2008 but when my plane flew over the Great Lakes yesterday and I saw snow covered water, I had a feeling that when I arrived at my own Blue Lake, this is what I would see:

Snow Covered Blue Lake

Snow Covered Blue Lake

I decided to test the durability of the ice so I walked out to the end of our permanent pier (where, due to low lake levels, it is still very shallow) and jumped up and down a few times. Well, the ice gave a nice bounce and I heard some sharp cracking so I decided to take my amusement closer to shore, avoiding a potential two-foot plunge. I noticed a set of deer tracks running parallel to the shoreline about 15 feet out on the ice. Surely, even with my indulgence in Thanksgiving’s tasty delights, I can’t weigh more than a deer but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Tomorrow, on advice from my grandma, I’m going to take an axe out to the ice for my own very unscientific measurements of the ice’s thickness.


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