Snow What?

8 Dec

Yesterday was the first time this season that Mr. Plow came and shoveled a few inches (with strong drifts from Blue Lake) from my driveway.  I generally like snow.  It’s a nice purifier and adds a certain festivity to this time of year.  I like making snow angels and, in the right conditions, igloos.  I don’t even mind shoveling out cars.  However, when it is so freezing that none of the vehicles around here will start just when I’m about to go grocery shopping… my blood tends to run slightly chilly.

Ironically, earlier yesterday, I was watching a really interesting PBS program called something like “Alone in the Wilderness” about this man who spent his last 30 years living by himself in remote northern Alaska – where, inside his hand-made hut, it remained a balmy 40 degrees.  Cool, was my first thought.  And then, I shouldn’t EVER complain about living a mere 5 miles away from generally everything I need to eke it out here in the Northwoods.

Of course when the wheels are gone; the forecast calls for snow, snow and more SNOW; and you have: a bag of dark chocolates, 6 oz milk, 1/2 loaf of bread, some suspicious cheese spread left over from the summer, and 1/2 roll of TP; and your rescue party (in the form of family coming up for the holidays) is 12 days away; times up here seem a bit challenging.  My main concern, however, is getting to the Hazelhurst post office where my gift packages (taking into consideration the 10 day “Northwoods” delay) should be arriving right about now for the holiday season and, well, if anyone has ever been to the Hazelhurst post office dare you to utter anything un-rosy about it in public.

I’m curious if anyone has been snowed in around Blue Lake for an extended period of time and what you did, or suggestions you have, for getting yourself (or myself) out of that predicament.  I recognize that in the event that I’ll have to wait ’til spring, I might have to learn how to ice fish.  But, in the meantime, I have a battery charger attached to one of the 10+ year old vehicles and am hoping that does the trick.  And of course, I do have feet.


One Response to “Snow What?”

  1. winkle - bull December 10, 2008 at 6:41 pm #

    Feet – use them. That’s all that I use to get around. I ride in a car only a few time a year. Sleap into town on the two that god gave you. It’s better than jumping in a car that uses dino-oil that was pumped from some middle eastern american-hating dog-eating (shiver!!!) country.

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