A Measure of Ice Thickness

13 Dec

While the day was cold and crisp, yesterday, I grabbed my mini-ax and headed out on Blue Lake to take an unscientific measure of just how thick the ice was (and whether it is safe enough for ice-skating).  Well, at 1 degree at 10:00 a.m., the atmosphere was nothing less than frigid.  So I started chopping.  And chopping.  And chopping some more.  Nothing, it seems, is as easy as I think it’s going to be.  But eventually I struck liquid H20 gold:

Chopping and Measuring

Chopping and Measuring

At 10 feet from shore on the west basin, the ruler marks the ice thickness at 8″:
Ruler in the Ice Hole Measures 8"

Ruler in the Ice Hole Measures 8"

Conclusion: I suppose it’s time to start shoveling off an ice rink.


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  1. Is it Frozen? « Blue Lake Free Press - December 5, 2009

    […] December 5, 2009 by The Provost Does anyone know whether Blue Lake is frozen yet? I am looking at the webcams on the Minocqua Chamber of Commerce website and it looks like the big lakes are icy around the edges with plenty of open water towards the center.  Last year, around Thanksgiving, Blue Lake was well on its way to toughening up and by December 13th it had developed a sturdy ice layer. […]

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