Mysterious Tracks Revealed

17 Dec

Around sunset – though who could tell through the wintry mist -, I was engineering logs and other burnables into “just so” stacks in my fireplace in hopes of creating a perfect one-match blaze when, in my peripheral vision, a flash of orange-red streaked across my picture window overlooking Blue Lake.  I set down my box of Strike Rights and pressed my cheeks to the window to investigate.

Trotting over the frozen terrain, an unaccompanied Scottish Terrier in a bright sweater-type contraption pressed westward and then doubled back eastward and then pressed westward again.  I nodded in confirmation, remembering the (at least) two sets of prints (traveling strictly east-west) I had seen a few days prior on the snow-frosted ice – one set obviously canine.  The other set(s) were more of a mystery.  One was a pair of boots (which I didn’t believe to be my own) and there MAY have been a congruent set ski tracks, though I couldn’t be sure with gusts of wind blowing loose flakes every which way.

Just as I was mulling where this dressed up Terrier was going to, much less coming from, two bipeds (human variety) appeared, following the path of paw prints.  As I craned my neck to see to where this trio traveled, nothing remained but disappearing tracks in the snow.


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