Sunny Travel around Blue Lake

18 Dec

Gracious! Even though low temps still dance in the negatives, we’ve been blessed with SUNNY DAYS up here in the Northwoods. I took the clear sky opportunity to motor down Blue Lake Road (ice encrusted so be careful!) where an enormous flapping of wings revealed a huge bald eagle soaring through the intersection of Blue Lake Road and Blue Lake Island Road. I wonder what eagles eat during this time of year when the lakes ice over. Some say small mice-like rodents which I wouldn’t believe except that I saw a mouse scurry out of a snowbank as I was digging out my car.

I also took a brief shore-line walk over Blue Lake, following tracks already etched by dedicated explorers. Foot travel over Blue Lake is prime these days, with only a few inches of snow on the ice providing generally obstruction-free goings.

Blue Lake View to Mermaid Bay

Blue Lake View to Mermaid Bay


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