Icy Driveway

15 Feb
Icy Driveway

Icy Driveway

A major warm front anchoring the first week of February did its darndest to melt everything in sight  – snowbanks, icicles , the West Basin Snowman.  Ultimately, it didn’t entirely succeed and left  legions of carefully shoveled paths and faithfully snowplowed driveways treacherously slippery affaires d’ice.

So aside from inviting a colony of penguins to frolic in your new ice palace and then harnessing them to a sled, how does a person with a track-less vehicle overcome such a tricky slope?  Pa suggests cleaning out the fireplace and then spreading the ashes over the ice to create a traction-friendly environment.  On account of a dusting of snow which yielded the same effect, I haven’t tried out this winter tip yet but it makes sense to me.  Thanks, Pa.


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