Sizzling March Scalds Snowman

17 Mar
Melty Blue Lake

Melty Blue Lake

I regret to inform you that the massive March heat wave roasting the Blue Lake Metropolitan Area with temperatures in the mid-50s has claimed the life of the West Basin Snowman between the days of 03/15/09 and 03/16/09.  (Although for weeks, he’s been, pretty much, shrunken down to just the first big snowball.)  For everyone who cast their vote in the Snowman Survivorship Poll, let’s declare those who marked “The Snowman Will Survive ’til Spring” as official winners.  Although spring won’t officially hatch until this upcoming weekend, these mild zephyrs are behaving like impetuous French glove slaps across the cheeks of our otherwise harsh winter.

Pig's Breakfast in the Spring

Pig's Breakfast in the Spring

A trip through downtown Minocqua, Wisconsin reveals t-shirt clad ice fisherman basking in the sun on Lake Minocqua, hoping to reel in one last catch before the periwinkle satiny ice sinks in the murky churning bliss of summer commerce.  The pleasant unfolding of meteorological elements jazzed creatures great and small as a daring bald eagle, oblivious to roaring traffic, perched on the shoulder of Highway 51, near Holiday Acres, and feasted upon the entrails of what appears to be either a young deer, a small pony or a very large dog.

Blue Lake Road Nearing Tomahawk River Crossing

Blue Lake Road Nearing Tomahawk River Crossing


Sutton Road - Still Melting

Sutton Road - Still Melting


Hoping that all things grizzly were still hibernating, I braved Bear Alley and took a bike ride to the Blue Lake Road – Tomahawk River crossing.  I found the Tomahawk, at this location, to still be frozen; though it seems as if it’s business as usual for the nearby farms as the earthy air is punctuated by the smell of bovires, I mean livestock.  I did not encounter any bears but I did observe Sutton Road to still be slushy and snowy compared to the relatively dry conditions of the neighboring roads.


One Response to “Sizzling March Scalds Snowman”

  1. Lizzy March 18, 2009 at 10:15 pm #

    Beautiful pictures as always! The one of Blue Lake Road near the Tomahawk looks very surreal. I’d love to see a bigger copy of it!

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