The River Floweth

29 Mar
Tomahawk River Flows

Tomahawk River Flows

Break out the canoes!  The Tomahawk River showed up for spring and is now flowing in all its meandering glory between its snow-dusted banks.  Despite chillier than normal temperatures of late (about 10 degrees down with flurries in the air), open water has been spotted on some lakes and officials are urging folks to take those vehicles off the waters and exercise particular caution when traversing the fragile ice.  I add to that – PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR PETS.  I was almost accosted in my driveway by two large, unleashed, short-haired dogs (the size of small camels – one golden, the other gray/white) this morning.  After barking and charging me, who, in turn charged back into the house*, the dogs bounded across Blue Lake in a westerly direction.  They ran very fast and, as far as I can tell, arrived at their destination safe and sound.  But be careful, I know of a few Blue Lake pets who have met an untimely fate by falling through the ice.

  • * TIP FROM WAY BACK WHEN:  Instead of carrying around high-powered mace or  pepper spray to fend off those wild beasties, why not carry a pepper shaker in your pocket instead?  A citizen from yon’ (okay, my Granny) suggests a simple sprinkling of pepper on the nose of an offending creature will surely, and in short time, send them sneezing on their way.  (I have not tried this but the next time I’m knee-deep in Bear Alley, I don’t think my mind’s going to concern itself with grinding pepper out of the mill…)

In other news, HAPPY SPRING!  Oneida county snowmobile trails are officially closed for the season which means The Bearskin Trail is also now closed to snowmobiles and open to hikers and bicyclists.  I haven’t seen any such traffic yet.  It is incredibly muddy out there in the wild, after all.  The ground is strange… there’s a half-inch of muddy slurry-foam ideal for glopping to shoes which provides a nice bounce but under which the earth is still rock-solid.  We’ll have to wait another few weeks to till those gardens.


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