Bearskin Trail Update

10 Apr
Minocqua View from Kawaga Trestle

Minocqua View from Kawaga Trestle, Ice Fisherman in Background

Pending the spring repair service of a few dead vehicles in the driveway, I hopped on an old-fashioned bicycle transport and headed down the Bearskin Trail into town.  The Bearskin Trail opened on April 1st to spring, summer and fall outdoor enthusiasts.  New this year is an increase in the annual trail pass price – $20.00 for non-walkers/hikers over 16 years old.

I had, the day before, taken a half-mile hike down the Bearskin starting in Minocqua and heading south so I knew that the trail was looking pretty clear and had likewise seen bicyclists and their tracks enjoying the trail.  I began my trek starting from Blue Lake Road in a northward direction to Baker Lake Road.  This stretch of path is very difficult as the ground is still soft and gooey mud makes for challenging resistance.  I thought that the trip back would be better, but alas, it was likewise strenuous.  The two-mile stretch of Baker Lake Road into downtown Minocqua, however, was great.  Slightly wet pebbles held up well on the firm trail bed.

I saw something quite remarkable, and disturbing, the day I went hiking.  Although, as you can see from the above picture, water is freely flowing under the Kawaga (and Minocqua) Trestle, just a few feet past the ice shelf closer to the Minocqua bridge, fishermen are still testing the ice fishing conditions on the semi-frozen lake.  I have no idea how they got out there to begin with as most of the ice close to the shore has melted.  I held my breath and prayed that they knew what they were doing.  I suspect in only a few days now the only people out on the lakes are those desiring a spurious freezing water plunge.

View from Kawaga Trestle in Minocqua

View from Kawaga Trestle in Minocqua


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