Pushing 70 and Going Strong!

16 Apr

CLIPPITY CLACK.  Flip flops paired with capris are bouncing all over the place, running through leaves and hurdling over just-about-melted snowbanks as incalculable BLMA citizens emerge from their sleepy winter dens to behold this spectacular summer weather.  Truly, we’re talking high 60-degrees of pure Wisconsin wonderment jazzing the daylights into Blue Lake.

Unfrozen Weedbed

Unfrozen Weed Bed

A note about the above photograph:  Blue Lake has made even greater strides in melting as this morning there appears to be water flowing through the entire north portion of the lake… that area typically referred to as “The Sunny Side.”

Straits of Colianni - Also Unfrozen

Straits of Colianni - Also Unfrozen

As one would expect, all of the shallow areas of the lake are now free-flowing, including the Straits of Colianni.  The lake level is very, very low this season.  I wonder if boats will be able to travel back and forth between the two parts of the lake.  And by boats, I’m talking about just your average canoe.

Mermaid Bay, Almost Melted

Mermaid Bay, Almost Melted

I took a lovely evening walk yesterday down Blue Lake Island Road where I observed citizens barbecuing and enjoying the sunshine from their decks.  The above view of Mermaid Bay (standing on the bridge) illustrates Blue Lake’s ice melting progress.  In a few more days, I think Mermaid Bay will look like the Save More swamp-pond which is just about totally melted, save for a touch of ice on the east side.  In fact, today I saw a lady sitting on the pond bank and fishing out of it… not ice fishing, regular free-water fishing.

Blue Lake View from the Culvert

Blue Lake View from the Culvert


Here’s another picture of Blue Lake looking mighty summer-like in some parts.  As you can see, the shallow areas are totally melted.  Beyond the pine trees, the deeper part of the lake is still covered by an ice shelf (the dull, navy blue object.)

I refuse to believe a friend who, upon asked the question, “When does it stop snowing around here?”, answered, with a most grave face, “June.”


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