Inaugural Paddle Craft Tour

25 Apr

With stunning summer weather closing the work week, I decided to hit the waves.  I almost took the easy route and launched a few kayaks into Blue Lake but then considered icy cold spray likely from occasionally striking winds and decided, instead, to drag a paddle craft down the hill and into the water for a less submerged experience.

I pretty smoothly got the boat into Blue Lake, jumped in and shoved off.  About 15 feet from shore, I paddled the pedals and swiftly went around in an impressive circle, regardless of where the steering mechanism was aimed.  Apparently, I forgot to attach the rudder.  So I sighed and plunged by arms into the stinging ice bowl and, after a few minutes, returned to shore with blue limbs.  Luckily, I was able to locate the rudder and swiftly figured out how to attach the apparatus.  (For safe measure, I also grabbed a hand paddle and threw it into the back of the boat.)

I then picked up my pal and we set off on a lovely, sun-drenched tour of Blue Lake – West:

Spring Time on Blue Lake

Springtime for Blue Lake

I particularly enjoy this springtime view of the banks of Blue Lake with green pines standing between leafless white-gray aspens over bright waters.


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