Did The Giant Chipmunk See Its Shadow?

2 May

In addition to the opening of fishing season which tempted legions of anglers to try their luck in the usual spots on Blue Lake, today we celebrate Chipmunk Day. According to local legend, every May 2nd, the late-rising Great Chipmunk awakes from its winter hibernation and waddles out of its burrow. If it sees its shadow, the Northwoods will forgo the rest of spring for six more weeks of winter weather. If a shadow does not expand beneath its corpulent frame, then break out the swimmies, sunny skies are ahead!

What happened? Only Blue Lake Free Press has the exclusive:

Dang Giant Chipmunk. There’s something about ‘im which I just don’t trust.

One Response to “Did The Giant Chipmunk See Its Shadow?”


  1. Calm Waters « Blue Lake Free Press - May 4, 2009

    […] time on the water this morning, I am making my own predictions and ignoring the soothsaying of The Giant Chipmunk; these next six weeks are going to be fine indeed! Possibly related posts: (automatically […]

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