Anatomy of a Garden – Part 2

21 May

More from Dr. Greenthumb’s Agricultural Stimulus Plan:

As the garden is on the top of a hill lacking a well, Dr. Greenthumb cleverly rigged a hose to a pump and after finding the right fittings, was able to flow water against gravity and irrigate the plot.

Next, a fence, rising approximately three feet from the ground, was erected around the perimeter to keep out hungry creatures.  A gentleman at the Rhinelander Home Depot suggested tin pie plates cut into strips as an alternative to spraying harsh chemicals to ward off deer.  As the wind gently blows, the pie plates clatter against the fence, theoretically scaring away the deer.  Plans have not yet been released for courses of action to deter potential chompers on calm days.

Dr. Greenthumb removed the starter plants from under the indoor grow lights and into the sun for natural exposure as some of the plants, the tomatoes, in particular, have been progressing at a rate that the plant stand has been unable to accommodate.  The tomatoes, however, are not yet able to be planted in the ground as days of overnight frost have not yet passed.

Dr. Greenthumb also prepared soil to start the seeds of his next batch of plants – squash, pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, turnips, and watermelon.

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