Wild Bobcat Stalks Blue Lake

25 May

As I returned from work at twilight on Saturday, May 23rd, a sturdy, feral cat with a blunted tail prowled in the middle of my driveway and glared at my arriving car before leaping like a cheetah over a dead birch tree and nimbly disappearing into a wooded thicket.  “What a strange, muscular cat,” I thought, wondering whether its breed was related to a manx.  But I soon put it out of my mind until yesterday when my neighbor mentioned that a bobcat is stalking the woods around Blue Lake.  I am quite convinced now that the wild cat with the stubby tail that I encountered was actually a juvenile bobcat.  I didn’t observe the creature to have spots; rather, it had a uniformly sandy color and was, quite frankly, the quickest animal I’ve ever seen first-hand in the wild.

This morning, in the 2:00 a.m. hour, I awoke from a fitful slumber to a distinctive snarling followed by barking of two canines on night watch.  Perhaps they, too, encountered the crafty bobcat.

2 Responses to “Wild Bobcat Stalks Blue Lake”

  1. winkie May 26, 2009 at 12:09 pm #

    My bother and I will shortly make BLMA safe for canines as we will scare off any feral cats, bob cats. and most of all tommy cats (soon to arrive from AZ). Why haven’t my cousins the coyote and wolf done their duty this winter and keep BLMA canine friendly? Are they getting lazy like my brother Rocky?

    • The Provost May 26, 2009 at 5:22 pm #

      Sometimes I hear howlings and see large paw prints in the mud but I haven’t seen any first-hand sightings of wolves this year, and particularly not the mutli-species bear/wolf pack that allegedly massacred the albino deer in Boulder Junction. As for coyotes, I think YOU are the only coyote that people are spotting around these parts. So it’s up to you, good fellow, to keep all the bobcats away this year!

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