Blue Lake Fishing Report: Nice Bass!

20 Jun
Small Mouth Bass from Blue Lake

Smallmouth Bass from Blue Lake

Anglers have been heaving heaps of bass from Blue Lake this fishing season.  More than a few hot spots are yielding strings of succulent fish within mere moments of casting into the blue.  A young lad tested this claim and quickly reeled in no less than four of the gilled suckers after a short visit to Blue Lake’s active fishing points… using strictly lures.

A decent-sized smallmouth bass can feed one medium-sized adult.  As shown below, this particular smallmouth bass, approximately 18-inches before fillet, was baked with butter, lemon, rosemary and other fresh spices for a most delicious feast.

Small-Mouth Bass Dinner

Smallmouth Bass Dinner


2 Responses to “Blue Lake Fishing Report: Nice Bass!”

  1. maconraine June 24, 2009 at 1:44 pm #

    As a long time Blue Lake fisherman, I’d like to see an article in your blog about the importance of catch and release. We need to protect and preserve this wonderful resource we all share.

    Why catch and release? Obviously, we want to prevent overharvest in the face of an increasing population, increased fishing pressure and the fact that the small mouth you ate were likely protecting their beds/eggs from predators.

    • The Provost June 25, 2009 at 10:45 am #

      Thanks for the input. I’m actually a vegetarian and didn’t eat the smallmouth bass in question but you make a valid point. I’m not a fisherperson or a sports hunter, either, so perhaps you can clarify your perspective on catch and release. What’s the point of fishing and catching something if you’re not going to eat it? Won’t the fish be maimed if it gets caught on your hook? Isn’t it better just to eat it and serve a nutritional / dietary need than to just toss a damaged fish back in the lake (presumably serving a non-vital recreational fancy rather than catch and release for scientific study)? Discuss.

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