Duckling Presumed Abducted, Eagle Prime Suspect

1 Jul

Around 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday evening, as a thick gunmetal cloudbank continued its slowl, cold, crawl over northern Wisconsin, a bricklayer constructing a pathway not quite beneath the huge eagle’s aerie on the southern bank of Blue Lake heard a sudden panicked quackery quickly followed by a frenetic flapping of wings in water.  Abandoning his project, the bricklayer headed for the nearest beach area to see a mother duck swimming in hysteria, herding her gaggle of ducklings, numbering seven or eight, under a pier.  An eagle cut through the air, soaring upward and clutching something small and downy in its talons – almost surely a choice baby duckling.  The mother duck continued squawking for another minute before quieting down and tending to what was left of her brood.

A boater also observed the frenetic ducks, describing the birds as “freaking out” when he crossed a pier to his boat.  The ducks eventually left the area for a safer sanctuary.


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