S’mores Report

22 Jul

While passing through a midnight kitchen, this faithful investigative journalist with Blue Lake Free Press witnessed an event so shocking it took us days to unravel the scene, so sacrilegious that we hesitate to print it for fear of committing indecent reporting… yet so it is done for your betterment and at our own peril:

On that fateful night, a warm night with clear skies, a slight northerly breeze and without mosquitoes, my jaw unhinged in shock as a hombre in a white tank top highlighting his generously tattooed arm stood over the open flame of a gas stove in an indoor kitchen and… barbecued a marshmallow on a fork!

The entirety of the Blue Lake Free Press institution now feels the heavily-weighing responsibility, the crucial civic duty, to issue the following outdoor S’mores Report:

Sparky Blue Lake Campfire

Sparky Blue Lake Campfire

S'more Hands are The Best Hands

S'more Hands are The Best Hands

July is… Delicious!


One Response to “S’mores Report”

  1. shashy August 6, 2009 at 9:08 pm #

    those are some cute hands!!!!

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