Receding Shoreline Spurs Territorial Battle

31 Jul

Wales claims Blue Lake land, then gives it back.

Flag of Wales

Flag of Wales

In a no-holds-barred, winner-take-all showdown of international prowess, the British principality of Wales unflagged the handmade-by-tots t-shirts-on-sticks boldly waving on the banks of Seagull Island on Blue Lake, Thursday afternoon, instead erecting its own green and white flag on the rock mound.

Determining themselves easy victors to the sleepy sunbather’s paradise, the Welsh conquistadors examined their new prize: a lawnchair-friendly weed bed, a newfangled bonfire-alluring islet (complete with charred remnants); and a perfect mosquito breeding ground. Wales promptly discontinued plans to enforce a BLMA-wide Catherine Zeta-Jones Day, pulled out their troops, replaced the tot flags and were last seen fleeing south, to Rare Dog Beach.

The entirety of the BLMA is now watching the island with bated breath, hoping the tots will be beneavolent sovereigns.


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