Lemonade You Just Can’t Miss

10 Aug

The coldest summer in 40 years decided to take a vacation these past few day and with temperature soaring well near 80, a very “special” business reappeared in the Blue Lake Metropolitan Area. The “blink and you’ll crash into it” trade? A unique lemonade stand on Blue Lake Road. Now, I had somewhat forgotten about this particular lemonade stand, save for its frequent appearance in occasional nightmares, but a recent, and most animated, report from three Blue Lake bicyclists (a mother and two young sons) brought back a deluge of fond memories.

Their experience with the stand was very similar to mine; thus, here lies my recollection, as reprinted from publication in 2008:

Earlier this summer, I hurtled the Campmobile across the bridge and over the Tomahawk, which runs adjacent to [the] ghostly pasture. A gang of country ruffians, no more than 8, just about threw themselves on the hood, screaming, “BUY SOME LEMONADE!” in more of an order than a hopeful request. I was so freaked out, I skidded to a stop on the side of the road and bought two cupfuls of yellow-ish liquid while their grampy, a crumbly man of at least 112, supervised. I calmly stepped back into my vehicle and got the [EXPLETIVE] out of there, their toothy grins emblazoned upon my skull. Only afterwards, after my knuckles stopped rattling, did I dare taste their childish concoction. The sensation can only be described as water torture via sugar-cubed swamp muck. I tossed the rest of the jaundiced sludge out the window. Never did I see these child-barbarians, these keepers of the bovires, again.

UPDATE: The bicyclists also report that the business has expanded beyond lemonade to include fried chicken, fresh eggs and pigs. I drove past the site 48 hours ago and observed an empty sturdy wooden stall which has replaced last year’s folding table operation. A nearby moon bounce, however, was stuffed with children… presumably the business operators.


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