Timber Wolves Howling in the BLMA

12 Aug

Wolf Map

Wolf Map

Two horseback riders saw a wild wolf roaming the forest adjacent to Agawak Road and Blue Lake Road last week.  The timber wolf was thick in territory frequented by deer, howling coyotes and a mixed breed huskie-German shepherd.  In a related account, BLMA residents report that a pair of timber wolves are living near South Agawak Road.

BLFP has seen only one wolf in the wild before – 14 years ago, walking along Highway 47, way east of Highway 70, at midnight.


One Response to “Timber Wolves Howling in the BLMA”


  1. Wolf Moon O’er Blue Lake « Blue Lake Free Press - February 1, 2010

    […] “wolf” moniker derives from seasonally hungry, howling wolf packs of yesteryear (whose descendants definitely haunt the BLMA), quite a few Blue Lake citizens believe the name perfectly harmonious with the influx this winter […]

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