Mystifying Muskie Flops Aground

18 Aug

Whopper of a Fish Tale Jumps out of Blue Lake

Mystery Muskie

Mystery Muskie

On Sunday, August 16th, a gardener in Blue Lake’s southwestern territories, assaulted by a permeating “dead fish smell,” surveilled the shoreline and found a huge muskie washed upon a nearby bank. After informing the property owner of his find, the property owner suggested that the gardener dispose of the offending muskie himself, if he didn’t like the smell. The gardener declined and the property owner ultimately fished the reportedly 32-inch long muskie off the beach, took a picture with it and then tossed it into the woods. Blue Lake, while harboring walleye, bass, and northern pike, is not known to accommodate muskies.

Who let the muskie out?

Since the perplexing muskie discovery, Blue Lake communities have been flooded with speculation about the giant pike’s origins. Has Blue Lake always hosted a naturally occurring, but elusive, muskie population or was the muskie deliberately (and illegally) placed into the lake by human hands? If the latter, was the offender’s modus operandi one of tomfoolery / hoax-dom / notoriety, or was it in hopes that the creature would reproduce into a thriving new fish populace? As principles of muskie reproduction require two participants, was the now-dead muskie the only alien creature dumped into Blue Lake?

BLFP would like to hear from anyone who has ever caught, or tossed, a muskie in Blue Lake.


2 Responses to “Mystifying Muskie Flops Aground”

  1. Gail August 19, 2009 at 9:35 am #

    A long-time resident of Blue Lake used to tell the story of her pet muskie that lived in the lake. She would tell this fish tales back in the ’60s. She was an avid fisherwoman.

  2. The Provost August 19, 2009 at 1:32 pm #

    I like to believe that there is a certain truth behind tall tales :) Perhaps the uncovered muskie was the offspring of the “pet muskie”? It’d be awesome to have a pet muskie, especially if it could be trained like Flipper.

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