Harsh Country for Young Things

28 Aug

It’s been rough going for young ‘uns this past week. Above Blue Lake’s southwest shore, the eagle pair have decided that the mom-and-pop gravy train is officially closed for business and have flown the coop, leaving their fluffy brown eaglet alone in the aerie to fend for itself. Judging by the tremendous amounts of screeching reverberating from the nest, the baby seems to be hoping – or pleading – for company, for food, and perhaps for security from the elements… like the wicked rain storm that drenched the BLMA last Thursday and Friday, brewing fierce clouds of mobile phone feedback and amplifying digital television signals to unnatural proportions.

On the ground, living has likewise been difficult. A fawn met its demise alongside of Blue Lake Road, near Agawak Road, in the heart of timber wolf country. No word if it belonged to the deer triad hanging out by the gravel pit.


One Response to “Harsh Country for Young Things”


  1. “How to Fish” by The Eagle « Blue Lake Free Press - September 9, 2009

    […] activity on Blue Lake over this lovely Labor Day weekend, the aerie has been a mite quiet as the eagles have decided to take mercy upon their eaglet by continuing to baby it and thus dampen its shrieks.  Eagles are spectacular fisher-birds and […]

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