Ghost Squirrel

8 Oct

Skedaddle albino deer from Boulder Junction, Blue Lake has its own force of nature: the snow-white Ghost Squirrel haunting the woods by Blue Lake Road and Blue Lake Island Road.  This mythical beast – an albino red squirrel – was caught on camera while engaging in some typically squirrel-y behavior… filching food from a bird feeder.

Ghost Squirrel

Ghost Squirrel Strikes in Daylight

Photograph by MK, used with permission.

The Ghost Squirrel, seemingly unaware of its bright white vulnerable coat, enjoys frolicking in the woods during daytime hours, perhaps boldly waiting for winter, when it can turn its near-perfect disguise into all kinds of roguery.

Albino Red Squirrel

Albino Red Squirrel, with Pine Pitch Facial

Photograph by TC, used with permission.


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