New Year at Blue Lake

8 Jan

Happy New Year!  Toasty news in 2010… The BLMA is getting a reprieve from the arctic blaster barreling through the midwest.  Blue Lake can expect just a few snow showers on the horizon and temperatures in the mid-teens and rising to the upper 20’s by next week.  Local roads, however, are still characteristically icy, and probably will remain so until late-April.  Pay special attention to the intersection of Streater Road and Agawak Road where, recently, a vehicle was unable to brake in time for the stop sign, skidded into a snowbank and had to be towed out by a big truck.

A few new retirees around Blue Lake are experiencing their first round-the-clock winter in the Northwoods where at least one brave adventurer reports the area as being, “really quiet, cold and snowy.”  Activities enjoyed by these folks include cross-country skiing, gathering firewood, reading, listening to the radio, making homemade pasta, taking pictures and organizing stuff in the house.


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