The Other Minocqua

11 Jan

For the summer-only folks:  Attached below are photographs which highlight some things that residents of the Blue Lake Metropolitan Area may see if they venture up to Minocqua Township in the winter.  See, life up north is still pretty exciting from December to March.  (Discounting November and April out of courtesy.)

1.) Gigantic Snow Creatures

Giant Snow Creature

Giant Snowman by Island City Ice Cream

There are two this year.  The above Gigantic Creature guards Island City Ice Cream (formerly Dairy Queen).  I believe the second giant snow creature keeps an eye on things north of town, in Woodruff.

2.) Ice Excavations

Preparing the Ice Water Dip

Excavating Ice Pit

Over the New Year’s holiday, folks raised money for good causes at Freezin’ for a Reason by jumping into this ice water pit.  A show stopper included a burly man in a bikini and furry ear-flap hat.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) the air temperatures were frigid and many cameras’ electrical components malfunctioned shortly upon onset of the event.  After icing up their knickers, everyone enjoyed complimentary bratwursts at the Thirsty Whale.

3.) Ice Skating at Torpy Park

Ice Skating at Torpy Park

Ice Skating at Torpy Park

Enjoy complimentary ice-skating as the parking lot at Torpy Park is transformed into an ice rink.  It’s particularly fun after Mr. Zamboni makes an occasional appearance.

4.) Winter Sports on Lake Minocqua

Snowmobiling on Lake Minocqua

Snowmobiling on Lake Minocqua

Snowmobilers zip to and fro, traversing Lake Minocqua’s frozen tundra, frequently enjoying libations at lakeside establishments like The Thirsty Whale.  Ice shacks dot the landscape and the area frequently hosts inventive sports like ice golf.  However, pay heed to less icy areas like the channel where inattentive folks have been known to break through.

All photos by JCM, used with permission.


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