May Migration

5 May
Stunning Clouds above Blue Lake in May

Stunning Clouds above Blue Lake in May

Blue Lake is seeing robust migratory activity this year, prompted in part by mild spring weather and sunny days galore.  The lake was teeming with anglers this past weekend as fishermen eagerly took to the waters at the onset of fishing season.  Weekenders, this blogger and the first wave of seasonal residents are arriving to unpack, take survey and air out their cabin effects for another awesome summer on the lake. A variety of construction projects are observed in the BLMA including a leveled house on the northern side of Blue Lake Road, west of Agawak Road.  Another loon nest habitat has also been constructed and is floating near the island.

Wildlife activity has been very sprightly with foxes spotted on the southern shore of Blue Lake by Blue Lake Pines.  The giant snapping turtle was seen at dusk on Monday evening flipping its way down Hacker Drive towards Blue Lake Road.  Over Blue Lake, the skies are reverberating with the honks of geese making their way north to Canada with one particular bird opting for a layover on the ever-expanding Seagull Island.  The low buzzing of newly hatched mayfly swarms can be heard near the shoreline, although their numbers seem to be diminishing as the days pass.  The eaglets have been quite vocal, prolifically screeching for fresh treats from their parents while being dive-bombed by other large birds.  Loons and mergansers are likewise active on the lake.  There have not been current reports of bear happenings although according to local scientists wolves are very active in the area this year.

With unusually warm temperatures, incredible cloud formations and occasional scattered showers, life on Blue Lake is shaping up for another exciting season.


2 Responses to “May Migration”

  1. Margaret Krueger May 6, 2010 at 4:05 pm #

    Welcome back! Now if only that cute little white squirrel would show his face again!

    • The Provost May 7, 2010 at 10:27 am #

      Thanks Margaret! I thought the same thing while touring Blue Lake Road the other day. I definitely have my eye out for the little guy…

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