Sweet Weekend

16 May

All the folks who’ve been slogging, or in some cases waterskiing, through the cold, dark and dreary days this past week have finally reaped ever-increasing dividends of a generously awesome Blue Lake.  Citizens flocked to their gardens on Saturday as the sun shone in the mild early morning hours and continued to shine right on through the rest of the day.  Saturday evening was prime lake-enjoying weather with warm temperatures, placid, mirror-like conditions and an ever-lovely sunset.  A campfire or two could been seen on the Blue Lake shores, accompanied by the sounding of Canadian Geese and the responding of many loons.

Mid-May Sunset on Blue Lake

In fact the fauna of Blue Lake has been extra-frisky these days with seven bald eagles circling the lake last week, presumably courting a mate, two loons creating quite a hullabaloo in the west basin for at least 20 minutes yesterday, and two deer frolicking at sunrise on Sunday morning on the southern shore.  Sunday continues to increase in both warmth and beauty as morning canoers treated their dog to a boat ride around the lake and mid-afternoon lakeside conditions neared almost h-o-t.


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