Hot Green Lake

25 May

A Hot Green Day on Blue Lake Road

I heard it was a’comin’ but I didn’t quite believe it until I awoke yesterday morning with my down comforter kicked by my feet and cravings for an ice-cold smoothie battling a deep, grey, stifling humid lethargy swathing creatures great and small. I made my way downstairs, noting fine yellow pollen which had blown in through open windows and was covering surfaces no one knew existed. The sweating thermometer already read 75 degrees even though it was just 9:30 in the morning. I might have felt guilty for sleeping in but the air outside, thick with showers of cottony seed pods from flowering trees, a buffet of bugs and a sweltering special-ordered from way down south made me head right for the comforts of the ever-cool basement… that is, right after I whipped up a smoothie.

A few hours later, my smoothie glass drained and myself throughly relaxed from an extended visit with my neglected movie library, I ventured back upstairs.  Back into the elements. The temperature plodded right around 90 degrees.  That’s right.  90 degrees in May.  Taking advantage of the waning moments of my still-cool head, I took another survey of my Blue Lake day. Everything was very… green. Greener than I’ve ever seen it. The water was green, the forest was green, the sky was green and the air was green. I went back inside, considered having another smoothie but switched on the ceiling fan, instead, in a feeble attempt at circulating the heavy air.

I don’t quite recall the rest of the day, having been trapped in the haze, but vaguely recollect reports of large turkeys running up and down the driveway, a boat full of fishermen drifting by with lines in the water as if they were a still life stuck on conveyor belt and pandemonium in the middle of the night which was thought to have been caused by burglars or bears but which turned out only to be a large birch tree which had given up and crashed down within inches of two marooned boats.


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