Loons and Turtles a’Laying

29 May

Beautiful Blue Lake, Memorial Day Weekend, 2010

All the folks who braved the holiday traffic to come up north to the BLMA this weekend have been cheering around the lake since late Thursday evening, luxuriating in idyllic conditions of low humidity, warm temperatures, refreshing breezes and plenty of sunshine.  Many full-timers and seasonal enjoyers found it particularly difficult to pry themselves away from their docks and the sparkling blue water and head on off to work in the mid-70s morning temps.  Aquafiles have been taking full advantage of waterskiing, tubing, sailboating, speedboating, pontoon cruising and fishing, among other pursuits.

Table covers snapping turtle eggs on Blue LakeWildlife was most active with a snapping turtle depositing eggs on a driveway on Blue Lake, Saturday morning, and then quickly scuttling back into the water.  The eggs were laid right by a house teeming with energetic children.  In fact, the turtle jettisoned digging a pit on a rocky Blue Lake bank for the new, sandier location.  In 50 or 60 days or so, the eggs will hatch and off the mini-turtles will go.  The adult snapping turtle will not watch over the eggs during this time.  There are concerns about a local fox discovering and feasting upon the unattended eggs but nature will just have to take its course.

Loons are also reported to have laid eggs on the loon platform habitat on the big portion of Blue Lake, near Picnic Point.  Another pair of loons have also been checking out a second platform on the other end of the lake.  If you should see these platforms, give ’em plenty of room as to not disturb the wildlife.


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