Blue Lake Wild Weather Report

27 Jun

A rash of wicked, hot and eerily still thunderstorms battered Blue Lake last week with a 4:00 a.m. lightning storm jolting folks from their beds and sending them peeking out of their windows at the crackling light show over the lake, which was accompanied by a booming and thunderous soundtrack.

A drenching downpour produced a most beautiful double-rainbow arching over north Minocqua mid-week though its visibility from Blue Lake remains unclear.

The 9 o’clock hour on Friday delivered a spine-chilling Almost Tornado which spit a concentrated sheet of deep charcoal bands from heaven to earth over Blue Lake. Vigilant Blue Lakers, including Camp Agawak, ran for basements upon spotting the Almost Tornado terrorizing Seagull Island. A Blue Laker on her way home from work drove through a blinding rainstorm to find the Almost Tornado waiting on Highway 51 at Blue Lake Road. She, and every motorist on the road, swerved into Lanes and Lounges for refuge – though, upon reassessing the situation, ultimately decided to take shelter in the more structurally-sound The Waters.  All the while, the air was strangely still and hot.  That is, a perfect tornado-y mix. Upon peeking outside two minutes later, the Almost Tornado had left the area and was racing towards McNaughton. The sky then shone with the last remnants of a blazing yellow-orange sunset.

Other weather has been either warm and sticky and overcast and calm or clear and sunny and super breezy, though much more of the former than the latter.


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