Blue Lake Wild Wildlife Report

27 Jun

Two deer, a mother and a spotted baby, have been nonchalantly prancing around the woods and checking out homesteads on the south end of Hacker Drive, apparently unafraid of man or beast.

Five owls are living in trees mid-way down Blue Lake Point Road, right before the big dip.

Waterfowl are still very active this season.  Loons have been spotted on the loon nest.  The merganser family with their ten babies continue to enjoy the lake and the double goose family goslings are just plain huge.

Bears have been noticeably absent from Blue Lake West this year with confirmed “no sightings”  throughout the neighborhood.  Has anybody seen bears around Blue Lake this year?

Camp Agawak is in session and is more spirited than ever.  Sounds of campfire revelry and wall-permeating amplified bass-lines have been reverberating around the lake for the better part of a week.  Saturday evening turned out a rollicking social with accompanying DJ with so much vivacity it was almost as if you were right there.


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