Man Seriously Injured in Tree Cutting Accident

29 Jun

A man was seriously injured in a tree cutting accident on Blue Lake after the top of the tree he was strapped to broke and came crashing to the ground on Monday, June 28th.  The man was part of a two-man tree cutting team that was felling a tall birch situated lakeside on Blue Lake Point Drive.

At 1:30 p.m., while the man was strapped to the top of the birch, the tree broke and fell down the hill towards Blue Lake, with the man still tethered to it.  The tree fell on top of his hardhat, which cracked under the tremendous force of the branch.  His partner ran to the closest available residence and summoned for help.  Katharine Onofryton, 17, who was at home on a neighboring property on Blue Lake Point Drive, called the Minocqua Police Department.  The Minocqua Police Department, in addition to the Oneida County Fire and Rescue squad, responded.  A squad car, two ambulances and a departmental pickup truck towing an ATV and a toboggan arrived to outfit the man with a neck brace and position him in the ambulance.  The man was taken to a nearby hospital where he was then airlifted out of the area.

Onofryton describes the situation as, “The scariest thing I’ve ever experience when no one else has been around.”  While it is unclear whether rot contributed to the falling tree, the rest of the tree has since been cut down.


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