A Letter from a Rocker… Yes!

21 Jul

From Bob Bergland, Blue Laker and founding member of rock super-group Ides of March:

Hi to all our Blue Lake neighbors and friends – I would like to extend a personal invitation to everyone to attend the St Germain “Pigs in the Pines” festival on Friday, August 6. Forty-six years ago, 3 friends and I started a rock band in high school. Little could I imagine that these same four buddies would still be performing and loving every minute of it in 2010. We just returned from a gig at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Conneticut, and leave tomorrow for Santa Cruz, CA. THEN, St Germain. We played there last year and the guys loved it, especialy breakfast at Paul Bunyan’s the next morning.  If you like rock and roll, I think you’ll have a great time. We play our hits, plus the huge rock classics that our lead guitarist/vocalist Jim Peterik wrote for Survivor and 38 Special. It should be a good time. And stop by and say hi! Bob Bergland

From your Provost:

I’ll be there and ready to ROCK!


One Response to “A Letter from a Rocker… Yes!”

  1. guitar mama July 27, 2010 at 6:02 pm #

    I wouldn’t miss it. Last year was awesome! Rock on!

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