Wolf Pack Prowls Minocqua

16 Aug

Under a bright moon, a Blue Lake Wolf Pack took to the streets of downtown Mincoqua for the ultimate pub crawl.  Inspired by an ancestry of wolf-love, the pack donned wolf shirts and descended upon the streets of this small lakeland town with a howling ebullience rarely seen in modern times prompting bystanders, bartenders and two headliners from Madison to marvel, “Who ARE you guys?”

The wolf pack, six strong, including one deer, prowled in and out of birthday parties and bachelorette carousals, through teeming bars and empty bars, baying mostly when suitable.  The wolves, and lone deer, returned to Blue Lake in the darkest hours of the morning where some made salami sandwiches.

Wolf Man, Two Wolves, Howling Wolf, Harvest Moon, Timber Wolf and Wolf Meat (with canines)


One Response to “Wolf Pack Prowls Minocqua”

  1. Greg Anastos August 20, 2011 at 8:54 am #

    Now That’s SCARY!!!!!

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