That Weird Smell Is Minnesota

19 Sep

And Other Notable Events This Past Week

The odd shifting of moods in the Northwoods this past week is in preparation to break out of summer and into autumn in these upcoming days.  Residents in the BLMA and beyond were woken out of deep slumbers mid-week with burning eyes wondering why their neighbors were having raging midnight campfires, burning tires, and in some cases, checking to see if their houses weren’t aflame.  The cause was determined to be strong northern winds sending smoke from the Ely, Minnesota Wildfire to blanket the upper Midwest.  An early-morning billowing of black smoke at Minocqua Pizza Hut didn’t help matters, causing a distinctly greasy but woodsy Meat and Pine Lover’s stench to permeate the area.

By the end of the week, the air was clear and stunning early weekend weather brought tons of happy motorcyclists throughout Northwoods roads in conjunction with the Tomahawk Fall Ride.  Left turning from Blue Lake Road onto Highway 51 Friday morning proved slightly challenging.

A few trees in the BLMA have begun to change and indeed it’s stunning and exhilarating to see maples flash red leaves in a forest of dark green pines.  A few more weeks and the BLMA will be gloriously bedazzled with the warm colors of fall.  A few large canine creatures have also been heard howling in the woods, often times when specific persons decide to take late afternoon solo hikes.  A special note to hikers:  As of September 17th, it is bow season for white-tailed deer so wear bright colors (nothing tan and furry) and make human noise when hiking to avoid unnecessary contact with flying arrows. 


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