Hope You’re Having One Astronomical Autumn

23 Sep

The meteorologists have been talking about it for weeks and the snowbirds can’t stop counting down the days, cheeks flushed and warm memories gushing through their veins as they snatch up marked down, past season, brightly colored pastels that are perfect for for Ecuador! The Caribbean!  Florida!  Arizona!  Even the Canadian geese are trumpeting through the early mist, beating their wings in the gray mornings as the flock migrates south.  As of this morn’, welcome to astronomical autumn, the official start of fall in the Northern Hemisphere.

Today, the sun shines directly overhead the equator.  Here in the BLMA, we will enjoy 12:08 hours of daylight and defer to September 25th and 26th to deliver the most equal amounts of day and night, due to atmospheric refraction.  Appreciating each day is effortless this time of year in experiencing the diverse colors of fall and seizing the opportunity for one more bike ride, one more boat trip, one more swim in the cold, blue lake.


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