Looks Like Halloween, Acts Like the 4th of July

12 Oct
Eerie Clouds and Woods at Sunset

eerie clouds and woods at sunset

Thin, ghostly high-level cirrus clouds brushed over the BLMA earlier this week, painting a pronoucedly eerie mood over the almost empty wood.  A toilet-papered tree close on Blue Lake Road close to Highway 51 and a matching toilet-papered road (courtesy of touch-ups by a road crew) seem to signal that Halloween is but weeks away.

Blue Lake road work

tissue on Blue Lake Road

A near full moon shined brightly this weekend as a barred owl startled sleepy residents on Blue Lake’s western waters at one in the morning with very loud hoo-hoo-hoo-hooooots which a wildlife specialist describes as bearing the meter of “Who’s cooking for you?” and meaning that the owl is looking for friends.  I remain dubious, however, because as a first-person witness to the owl hoots, I can attest that they were quickly followed by distressed eagle screeches.

The one constant this week has been very mild temperatures.  With dry ground, it’s a great time to rake up those leaves, if you’re into that kind of thing.

struggling in a leaf pile



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