What these Pictures Suggest

17 Oct

These pictures were taken the morning of October 17th, 2011. Study the pictures and then see if you came to the observations listed below.

Looking out on Blue Lake, Seemingly Pleasant

  • It was sunny this morning.
  • Mornings are beginning to look like afternoons with these shorter days.
  • Note the lack of leaves on the deciduous trees around the lake.
  • Also notice the wind-swept water.  Although white caps were not present, the gusts blew at 30 mph.
  • The air temperature was 40 degrees.

Cloud Banks over Blue Lake

  • Unforgiving winds changed the sky to a gunmetal gray as long bands of clouds pulled over the lake.
  • It’s been blustery for quite some time now.
  • Nary a boat is seen on these waters.  Quite a difference from sun-baked cruises and jet ski tours last weekend.

  • The super wind gusts took down many of the last hanging leaves on the trees and blew them into strange piles.
  • Did I mention it’s freezing?
  • Many Blue Lakers have their hopes up for at least one more warm spell before the snow falls!

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