What Happened Last Night

2 Dec

Yup, Blue Lake did it.  It held out ’til December to get crackin’ on freezing over.  I had a feeling it’d be this way, although I was still surprised two days ago, on November’s final day, when I spied Seagull Island / The Weed Bed magically transformed into a snowy ice patch:

Seagull Island and the Weed Bed: Frozen

Yet most of the lake waters kept on flowing into December so I was even more surprised when I looked out my window this morning to see darn near the whole lake settling under a thin sheet of ice.  I raced outside to catch a better look and was greeted by the twangy resonations of the new ice shelf shifting and settling.

Blue Lake Freezes in December

I still have hopes that 80 degree weather is right around the corner, although the forecast is calling for snow this weekend.  And it seems that when the lake has made up its mind to freeze, it keeps on doing so, warm spells be jolly.  So, looks like it’s time to sharpen up those ice skates!


One Response to “What Happened Last Night”

  1. BG from GB January 21, 2012 at 3:30 pm #

    Pepsi Ad

    Reminds me of the Clark girls at the bowling ally on Karoke night 1997

    BG from GB

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