Skating on Something Slippery

14 Dec

I’ve been hearing a lot of questions from Blue Laker expatriates like, “How’s the lake doing?”  “Is it totally frozen?” “Have you walked across the entire lake yet?”  “Will it be frozen by the time I get up there for Christmas?”  Now, I’m going to let you in on my secret way of telling if a lake is good and frozen to be safe enough to walk on:  I look out the window and see if anyone else is walking on it without breaking through the ice.  This usually occurs after a substantial cold spell (yup) with nighttime temperatures at least in the teens (yup).  Now, it’s warmed up since then to around freezing in the low 30s which has made everything super slippery and, dare I say, ice skating ideal?  Well, I am happy to report that on Sunday I saw this:

Skating on Blue Lake

The three kids in the picture appear to have skated with a hockey stick and puck around the entire perimeter of Blue Lake.  Kids across the Northwoods must be taking full advantage of awesome ice conditions as schools were closed early in the week due super slippery roads.  Now, as an additional confirmation that the lake is substantially solid, today, I saw this:

Ice Fisherman Prepares to Auger on Blue Lake

Will I be the next to take a walk on the frozen side?  Come to think of it… maybe I’ll take some ice depth measurements first… just to be sure.  Happy skating!


One Response to “Skating on Something Slippery”

  1. Greg Anastos December 14, 2011 at 4:47 pm #

    The skating was AWESOME on Sunday!!! Out there for a couple of hours and had a wonderful time skating the lake!!!!

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