Snow Blue in 2012

3 Jan

Blue Lake Panorama of Snow

Canada delivered a Happy 2012 gift to Blue Lake in the shape of massive snow storm which shook a good few inches on the lake.  Tremendously gusty winds simulated a blizzard at times with already-fallen snow whipping up in deceiving snow banks.  Snow fall covered both ski trails and a dunk tank that some young rascals were chainsawing out of the lake west of the weed bed on New Year’s eve.  Fishermen flocked to the ice with their grubs in the wee hours of New Year’s Eve among the excellent, overcast fishing conditions.

Cross country ski conditions around the lake were poor as of Tuesday afternoon with snow-atop-slush-atop-ice creating rough, no-glide fields of slogginess. The slushiness is strange as mid-teen temperatures and overnight ten-below freezers seem to be keeping the lake good and frozen.  Ice depths to about 10 inches were measured over the holiday (lower than area averages) which is well enough to hold a heavy vehicle but does little to identify hidden springs, decaying vegetation hot spots and currents which may interrupt ice solidity.

Holiday crowds disappeared by Monday with nary a soul spotted trotting in the snowpack since early in the week.  This is quite a difference from one of the last daylight sights of 2011 – a man and a dog driving an ATV on the lake, towing a man in a sled with ice fishing gear with another dog running alongside of him.


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