2011 Police Report Wrap Up and Analysis

21 Jan

A Blue Lake Free Press Special Investigation

Now that it seems winter has finally arrived with single-digit highs and 22-below lows, we can finally get down to the nitty gritty, crunch those numbers and make beautiful graphs to illustrate how the people of the Blue Lake area exercised tax dollars and enhanced community safety (we’re staying positive) by keeping in communication with the Minocqua Police Department throughout 2011.

The Blue Lake Free Press team (me) analyzed last year’s police reports and found:

  • 22 Blue Lake area-specific incidents were reported to police.
  • Most police reports concerned activity on Blue Lake Road: a whopping 73% of all incidents reported.  Blue Lake Point Road came in second with 14%, followed by Agawak Road with 9% and Blue Lake (lake) with 5% of area-specific reports.  EDITOR’S NOTE:  Those of us in the boonies on Hacker Drive and Bobcat Lake Drive are either well-behaved or pretty covert… I’m leaning towards the latter.  Kudos, too, to folks on the island and on Helmar Road for keeping out of reported trouble.

(clicking on the graph will increase its picture size)

2011 BLMA Police Reports by Street

  • Vandalism accounted for the majority of incidents reported: 18% or 4 reports.  Vandalism reported to the police department included a window broken in an ice shack on the lake in January; a bunch of mailboxes damaged on Blue Lake Road in May; another mailbox damaged in September; and someone shooting street signs with a paintball gun in October.  Vehicle incidents and burglary/theft tied as the second most reported crime-types in the BLMA, totally 14% of all crimes reported, or, 3 reports each.  These reports include a theft of a shotgun from a residence on Blue Lake Road in January; a burglary at a residence on Blue Lake Road in February; and theft of fishing equipment from an unlocked garage on Agawak Road in May.

(clicking on the graph will increase its picture size)

2011 BLMA Police Reports by Type

  • May, July and September saw the most police reports with 4 incidents reported each month.  May’s reports included vandalism against mailboxes; a high-powered rifle firing on Agawak Road; a burglary on Agawak Road; and a two-vehicle collision on Blue Lake Road and Highway 51.  July was a truly stand-out month for Blue Lake Point Road with a neighbor complaint of an unattended fire followed by a report of juvenile shenanigans.  In separate incidents, a golf cart and a kid-powered ATV, both motoring down Blue Lake Road, warranted police reports in July.  September’s reports included a prowler knocking on windows and honking a horn on Blue Lake Point Road; a hit and run crash involving a vehicle and a mailbox on Blue Lake Road; cows on Blue Lake Road; and more vandalized mailboxes, also on Blue Lake Road.  EDITOR’S NOTE: I find it interesting that in the most forbidding months of March and April no crimes and incidents were reported to the police department.  Perhaps the Blue Lake populace was just too lethargic to do anything, good, or bad, during these long months.

(clicking on the graph will increase its picture size)

2011 BLMA Police Reports by Month

  • Other police reports in 2011 included dogs-at-large in June on Blue Lake Road; a tree down near Agawak Road, also in June; an unattended death investigation in August; and illegal dumping on Blue Lake Road near Sutton Road in November.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  I am most disturbed by the reports of a prowler and the theft of a shotgun in the BLMA.  My safety suggestion is to keep your goods and yourself locked up, and to not become complacent and blindly trust in the goodness of humanity.  I know this sounds very Hawthornesque with a touch of In Cold Blood, and it’s a genuine shame to lack the liberty to fully rely on the goodness of our species but sometimes prudence is key for survival.  And for those thinking about committing crimes, consider that there are now a number of video surveillance operations in effect around the lake and on lake properties.  I know because I’ve seen the footage which, knock-on-wood, has thus far been mostly wildlife-related.

But perhaps the most poignant question to arise from the police report findings can be answered in the following poll:


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