Way Fun Weekend on Blue Lake

7 Feb

Everyone and their mother was enjoying the spring-like breezes at Blue Lake this past weekend.  Anglers spent most of the weekend running in packs, casting into February fishing.  Some snowmobilers got into a bit of a jam in a cove in the southwestern part of the lake when their ‘mobile jammed up in slush and began to sink through bad ice.  A couple of capable bodies helped force the machine to safety.

(EDITOR’S NOTE:  Stay safe on the lake!  The plague of vehicles dropping through unstable ice seems to be spreading from southern Wisconsin up this way!  Although ice fishermen report Blue Lake’s ice depths at 12 inches, the ice seems just plain weird this year.)

Clear Blue Lake Roads Mask Eerie Lake Ice

Slush is still the name of the game, hampering cross-country skiing for anyone over 90 lbs.  A few folks ran around on snowshoes and one Blue Lake family spotted mysterious dinosaur tracks “much larger than snowshoe prints” behind a snowbank next to their house.

Blue Lakers were well-represented at the 2nd Annual Loop Around the Lake 5K ski/snowshoe/hike MHLT benefit on Lake Minocqua on Saturday.  Truly awesome 40+ degree temps and bright blue skies settled into a clear, comfortable night with families enjoying the festivities in town.  A huge bonfire roared on Lake Minocqua, by Torpy Park and next to a band under a tent.  With a waxing moon a’glow overhead, most Blue Lakers opted to either hike or snowshoe the 5k circle which brought loopers under the trestle and around Lake Minocqua.  It was so warm, in fact, that many opted to skip the midway bonfire at The Beacons and head right for the finish line.  Parents pulling their young children on sleds and and people walking dogs also joined the fun.

Fun on Lake Minocqua Before Loop Around The Lake

The Holden and Myers-Onofryton Families of Blue Lake at Loop Around the Lake on Lake Minocqua

By Monday, under graying skies, weekend visitors returned home, leaving Blue Lake, once again, to the wilds.

Deer Herd Crosses Empty Blue Lake on Monday Afternoon


One Response to “Way Fun Weekend on Blue Lake”

  1. geetar mama February 11, 2012 at 3:24 pm #

    Love those deer! I want to be there!

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