75 Degrees of Summer

18 Mar

The mercury just keeps going up!  These past few days have been truly hot, sultry, and pretty darn humid around the BLMA, with locals sporting weather-appropriate short shorts, mini tanks and flip flops.  And for once I’m not thinking, how can they possibly do that in 35 degree weather!?  Okay, so record-breaking temperatures are not uncommon ’round these parts but record-breaking temps where the thermometer rockets into the upper 70s instead of plummeting in the 30-belows is crazy strange!

I checked out the conditions of the ice yesterday and this is what I found:

Melting Blue Lake, March 17th

Blue Lake is melting!  Of course, yesterday was St. Patty’s Day and I couldn’t rule out the possibility of a leprechaun-created mirage, so I took a few more pictures:

Blue Lake's unfrozen edge.

As of yesterday, the lake, in many places, was melted about a foot away from the shoreline.  Today, it was melted about a foot and a half away from the shoreline.  The ice is a lovely dark blue in most places.

I couldn’t resist the draw of a beautiful day so I hopped on my bike and took a wonderful ride through the back roads of the BLMA.  Well, first I stopped at the island and took some shots:

Clear Blue Lake Road

Looking out from the Island to the Channel

Looking out over the Tunnel

After I frolicked around the bridge, I headed west down Blue Lake Road.

Blue Lake Road, heading west

Passing Pig's Breakfast

Ultimately, I ended up at the Tomahawk River, which has been nothing short of swift-moving this entire winter.

Tomahawk River

And finally, I caught spectacular proof of that summer is here!

Blue Lake Road Field

Ah yes… while the ground is muddy, the roads are clear, offering enchanting glimpses into a landscape bursting out of winter with dramatic beauty!


One Response to “75 Degrees of Summer”

  1. dianne.. ; ) March 21, 2012 at 4:45 pm #

    lovely images, enjoyed.. ; )

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