The Waterski Formula

28 Mar

Blue Lake + Open Water = Waterskiers

At Blue Lake there is only one component that matters in determining if waterskiers will be on the lake: open water.  Notice that water temperature does not factor into the above equation.  Yes, folks, this past weekend, when the water had to be no more than a tingly 32.1F, there was some serious waterskiing action happening on Blue.

On Friday, March 23, I spotted this:

Pontoon Cruise

Early Season Pontoon Cruise

Pontoons are usually the first crafts to take to the water.  The day was cloudy and cooler (than it has been in these record-breaking days), and while the pontoon passengers were bundled up, they seemed very enthusiastic to explore Blue Lake’s spring happenings.

Later that afternoon, the sky cleared and lovely sun rays shone down upon a couple in a canoe paddling about the weed bed.  Bold, I thought, as canoes sit much lower into the icy waters than pontoon boats.

The next day I was surprised, again, as Blue Lakers upped their game with the aforementioned waterskier powering through the lake.  The waterskier did have on a wetsuit but I still think that ridiculously cold water is ridiculously cold water and BRRRR!

Anchors aweigh to the intrepid water adventurers… just remember to keep it safe!


P.S. Congratulations to everyone who has voted so far in the March 21st poll.  The correct answer to the question, “When do lakes usually experience Ice Out in Northern Wisconsin?” is the 3rd week in April.  100% of you are super smart!


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