Kayak Paradise

13 Apr

Let’s skip right over the part where it was snowing the other morning and get right to the good stuff: Thursday, April 12th, provided another excellent kayaking day on Blue Lake.  The sun was shining, the waters were mostly calm, and a light, warm breeze blew out of the south.  It was the kind of day that fills every window of your house and draws you outside, no matter what your prior plans might have been.  So, I pushed off in a kayak, intent on exploring the entirety of Blue Lake.

Under the Trees, Along the Shores

Seagull Island

The hazard buoys are out so I paddled over to The Weed Bed / Seagull Island to investigate.  I found the area, in its current state, to lack both weeds and an island.  My informal measurements put the highest point about 5 inches underwater.

Lookin' Good in Lovers' Bay

Without the benefit of looking through binoculars, Camp Agawak is looking like it’s got some stuff going on down at the shore.  Without the benefit of a powerful zoom lens, either, I’m going to presume that they’re starting to gear up for the summer season.

Lookin' at Agawak

All around the Blue Lake’s big basin, it was most awesomely fantastic.

Late Afternoon on Blue Lake

About this time, my camera battery started to fritz out so I decided I’d better return home, lest I become too disappointed in not being able photograph the beautificence of the small basin.  (NOTE: I did not turn around because I had underestimated the effects of winter on my kayaking muscles and was freakin’ feeling it halfway around the lake.  It was truly because of my bad camera battery.  Truly!)


One Response to “Kayak Paradise”

  1. Bucky April 16, 2012 at 10:39 am #

    This reminds me of the great song: “Stuck inside of D.C. with those Blue Lake blues again” http://vimeo.com/25499686 Great pictures – pete’s house really stands out.

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