Wild Nesting Loons: Keep Your Distance!

21 May

Exciting news as for the first time in 3 years, a pair of loons have taken up to a second nesting platform on Blue Lake.  Loons make nests on marshy islands to help protect their eggs from predators like raccoons, skunks, and snapping turtles.  Loons, with their legs positioned towards the rear of their body, are pretty awkward land walkers, so island nests provide ideal access points and maneuverability for the water-adept birds.  Lots of echoing loon calls have been sounding around Blue Lake in chorus this month, as the birds engage in seasonal courtship rituals.

Keep Your Distance

If you happen across a loon or a loon nesting site, please remember to keep your distance!  Loons are wild creatures and are not suited for human interaction.  People and boats freak loons out and they will abandon their nests if man and machine encroach on their habitats.  Luckily, binoculars and telephoto camera lenses provide wonderful opportunities to see these beautiful creatures from a safe distance.  If we respect wild nature, then there will be plenty of it that will continue to be available for us to enjoy.  If you have visitors coming to Blue Lake that may not be accustomed to such wildlife immersion, please inform them of proper lake and wildlife protocol, as often the excitement of seeing wild creatures in action leads to the temptation to sneak close for a better – and damaging – view.

Loon in Nesting Island – Remember to Keep Your Distance!

Thanks to TC for the wonderful photo!

(The answer will appear in the next post on this blog.)


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