Blue Lake Awaits…

1 Jun

First, a message from your lake:

Blue Lake Entices Visitors Near and Far with a Pastel Dreamscape

Blue Lake Entices Visitors Near and Far with a Pastel Dreamscape

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend kicked off the full-throttle tourist season here in the Northwoods last week.  Plenty of folks returning to Blue Lake for the first time this year were absolutely shocked to see it looking like the middle of July.  It’s a deciduous delight out there with green leafiness everywhere!  Fair temperatures over the holiday weekend ranged from warm to cool, sunny to cloudy, and got lake goers in the mood for an aquatic summer preview.  Many more boats, piers, and diving docks were launched into Blue Lake with plenty of fishermen taking to the waters, and swimmers daring to submerge more than a testing toe.  Water temperatures are reportedly in the 60s F, which means only 30 more degrees to go before your Provost takes a dip. A couple of waterskiers and even some tubers – surely of pure Wisconsin stock – enjoyed wetsuit-less jolly fun jaunts around the lake.

Super Green in the Woods

 Big Cat in the Woods

 Keep your eyes peeled for big cats roaming the woods this summer.  The below photograph was caught by an outdoor camera at Conserve School in Land O’ Lakes.  It makes me wonder what ever happened to the baby bobcat that was prancing around Hacker Drive a few years ago…

Giant Cat Prowling Near Conserve School

(The answer will appear in the next post on this blog.)


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